Get Schooled | Education program

Get Schooled | Education Program

We serve K–12 classes  (Kids Square field trip groups cap at 2nd grade) through guided or self-guided tours, customized educational programming, professional training opportunities, and curriculum resources for teachers, giving educators the opportunity to enrich their students with prepared curriculum, vocabulary words, resources and classroom, home and post-trip activities. Our mission is to connect people with nature by providing opportunities for every visitor. Patrons of all ages can participate in tank talks, Green Rooftop & Aquarium tours, short courses & workshops, lectures, film screenings, or they can explore independently and ask a member of our Tank Team for assistance if questions arise.

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Coral Lab & First Floor

Center in the Square is proud to make students’ text books come alive through our Get Schooled Education Program! Volunteer teachers guide children through our atrium aquariums, discussing some of the wonders of the oceans and rivers as children enjoy our corals, jellyfish, turtles, predators and more. Our exclusive, behind the scenes tour of our Coral Lab is always an exciting and memorable experience. Children are guided down to our lower level to see the equipment that makes our atrium’s aquariums healthy and safe for our critters. Water filtration systems, pounds of salt, and even coral “growing stations” are right under everyone’s feet (when in our atrium, that is)!

Learn more about our our spectacular 8,000 gallon living coral reef aquarium and more. 


Second Floor

Physics comes to life through our Roanoke Pinball Museum. Through gamification children can see how force impacts acceleration as they play some of our 40 + machines. They also learn about the history of pinball and can compare and contrast the differences between a 1932 pinball machine and a modern machine. Learning through play is always fun when it comes to pinball!


With a name honoring another iconic Roanoke structure, The Roanoke STARCADE is a new, 3,000 square foot facility just a quick walk from the Roanoke Pinball Museum on the 2nd floor of Center in the Square featuring classic and new arcade systems and activities for gaming, competition, private engagements and of course, great fun.

Learn more about the Harrison Museum of African American Culture.



Really scan groceries, tally up money, take care of animals, and so much more at our Kids Square Children’s Museum. Children will enjoy learning cause and effect through dozens of hands on activities. Children can climb through nets and tubes in our forest, play instruments in our “Hobbit House”, enjoy “glowing fish”, ride mini-cars, and so much more as they learn colors, dexterity, and team-building skills. Kids Square field trip groups cap at 2nd grade.

Learn more about Kids Square Children's Museum.


Fourth & Fifth Floor

The Science Museum of Western Virginia continues to reinvent not only the exhibit galleries, but also the entire museum and its connecting spaces, classrooms, and programs in order to transform the way visitors engage in learning science. The museum currently features the Healthy Bodies Gallery, Healthy Earth Gallery, an expanded How it Works Gallery, Living River & Touch Tank, Maker Lab, and The Bubble for preschoolers. The Butterfly Garden at the museum has transitioned from an exotic butterfly habitat to a native pollinator garden. Our new Hidden Garden exhibit has now changed into a garden exhibit that focuses on food science and horticulture. Throughout the garden we have examples of different growing methods for a variety of produce and information on different factors that impact the plants. Visit for more details about our galleries, birthday parties, and more! 

Learn more details about the Science Museum of Western Virginia galleries, birthday parties, and more.


Sixth & Seventh Floor

Children learn about sustainable, green, energy-efficient technology by traveling through our sixth and seventh story rooftop spaces. They will get to see our unique plant wall, solar panels, solar tubes, and more. . . not to mention they get to learn while enjoying the beautiful view of the Appalachian mountains! Each tour experience is geared towards the Standards of Learning, giving teachers a visual and tactile opportunity for children to learn through play, all while getting ready for this important test! 

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Ready to visit? Here are our options:

Discounts are given to educators and adults, please email or call for details | 540-342-5719.

We allow for several teachers and guardians in at FREE Admission with field trip groups. 10% of the student group total is calculated and that quantity is used to evaluate the number of FREE teachers/guardians. For example: if you have a group of 80 students, 8 teachers are allowed to tour for FREE! Any remaining teachers/guardians are allowed a 50% discount.

We require, at minimum of a 1:10 teacher student ratio for our tours for safety reasons.