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So why become involved?

Center in the Square is a unique home for regional arts & cultural organizations, creating and driving opportunities that enhance education, economic development and quality of life.

Become involved to show our region that educational opportunities matter. 

  • That arts and culture have value. 
  • To show students that there are real life implications to what they learn in class. 
  • To become a part of people’s positive memories of downtown Roanoke. 
  • To be a huge part of the reason why Roanoke is a place to remember.

There are many ways to become involved in Center in the Square, all of which are truly valuable to our community and contribute to sustaining a 

vibrant downtown scene. Donations towards.... 

  • Center in the Square’s Annual Operations
  • The Get Schooled Program
  • Illuminights - Winter Walk of Lights
  • Kids Square Children's Museum
  • Roanoke Pinball Museum
  • Roanoke STARCADE  

....all help contribute to our mission of providing five buildings to twelve non-profits in our region. Businesses and individuals who have contributed to Center in the Square’s success are truly part of the creation of (and ability to sustain) a positive environment in downtown Roanoke, and furthermore, what that success has meant to our entire region. A contribution to Center in the Square is a contribution to a way of life that simply didn’t exist in Roanoke 35 years ago.